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welcome to my personal website. I have set this up for my short stories and other written pieces.

After qualifying as an engineer in the seventies and with more than thirty years working in the aerospace business I decided that it was about time to begin something new.

Writing has always been a passion for me, which was largely placed on the back burner due to other family and working commitments.

Having moved to the south of France in 2011 and retired, I have finally put all of the corporate stuff behind me and am enjoying a life of sport and writing.

A further move to Spain in 2014 has hopefully ended our nomadic lifestyle of the last twenty years, and given my wife and I a permanent residency, where we can continue to follow our life’s passions for as long as we can.

I hope that you like my stories but either way, please comment. This is the only way that I will improve and is the main purpose of publicly offering my work on this blog.



7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Gaz.

    Sorry for the delay in responding to your recent comment on my site. I didn’t receive any notification that it had arrived, which is a bit odd. I didn’t make it public just in case you preferred it that way.

    I did notice events as they unfolded. Quite unbelievable!

  2. The Life of Times…already read…muy entretenido! Pobre Jocky…también me pregunto por qué Ed Milliband…me gusta el estilo de contar varias vidas simultáneas..

    • At the time I wrote this Ed Milliband was in the news a lot as he was the leader of the labour Party in the UK and many people made a lot of jokes about him.

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